I AM. I am a rustically creative, mountainous visionary, gypsy, nature girly living my dream of being me. Oh & I talk to dead people: Intuitive Mediumship.


This blog is to try and create order to my extensive, self perpetuating experiences and things I want to share with world; wisdom through folly, creative processing through hands on learning, spiritual growth through lessons of being on my knees in desperation, and inventions that are too magnificent to get lost in Pinterest. So I believe.

As I said above, I’m a jack of all trades master of none, mainly because, like my husband, I’m in constant creative processing and to keep order through the craziness, I must blog. Consider it a 21st century filing cabinet. You’re welcome to share, comment (only kindness), and follow this cosmic force of ‘I must create’ as it takes on so many forms, I can’t even narrow it down myself. So when questioned, “what do you do”comes up, so do limitless answers. Maybe it’s what don’t I do? That I can give you an answer on.

If you want to know me, go to the About me page. Hi, my name is Vanessa Wishstar, what’s yours?

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